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What is an Immigration Bail Bond?

Generally, people contract with a bail bond company San Antonio when they or someone dear to them is arrested for a felony or misdemeanor such as shoplifting, domestic violence or driving under the influence.

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However, immigration bail bonds are also available, and you need to find out important information about these types of bail bonds as well. When the INS or Immigration & Naturalization services arrest an immigrant for illegally entering the territory of the US, the bail amount is basically set by the INS.

This bail is actually a warranty that the respective immigrant will show up on the scheduled dates for the court hearings. Also, it is the INS that will decide whether or not a bond can be set for the respective immigrant.

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If someone dear to you has been caught by the INS and bail has been set, you can contact a reputable bail bond agency San Antonio to help. You may not be able to afford paying the bail, but a bondsman can offer this amount as warranty before the court and before the INS.

The bail bond company that you will choose must be properly licensed and regulated to do business in the field, and the experts must have proper experience in the field. Also, the company or the bondsman himself has to be registered with the Federal Government, and in order to operate business legally he must have proper insurance.

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The most important thing to keep in mind is that in case the immigrant is released upon bond, and then he/she will not show up for the court hearings on the scheduled dates, the bail amount will be lost. Therefore, posting bail bonds for strangers is not indicated, because you could lose your collateral. Talk to a bail bondsman San Antonio today and you will receive all the important information that you need!